SDK app development specializing in Connected TV [CTV] and Over-The-Top [OTT] platforms and devices. With a rich history of branding and development across 65+ projects from 2018, enjoy some of our works.

Available across all Fire TV devices.
Custom SDK solutions available across subscripted, advertised, paid and multi-revenue models.
Publisher-forward solutions to fit your revenue needs.

Launching in 2020 across our primary brands, AWS OS is a front-runner in the streaming wars. Now shifting to Amazon-branded hardware TV, we anticipate the continued majority market shift from Roku to Fire TV.


Our birth started with a package of code submitted to the Roku OS. Still holding majority market share, Roku is key to our strong position in the connected tv ecosystem and its organic search potential.

Market researched and developed design maximizing engagement rates.
Featured above the fold placement.
SDK data mining.
Maximize your revenue potential with audience redirection.

Feed Management

We offer Feed Ingestion, Translation, and Management across internal or external API endpoints.

  • API Solutions
    • Social
    • Web
    • Ad Server
    • Google Suite
    • OAuth
  • File Transfer Protocal
  • Data Management
    • 1st-Party Consent
    • 1st-Party Compliance
    • ReCaptcha
  • Platform Search Optimization
    • Roku
    • Amazon
    • Google
    • Web

Feed Formats Include:

    • RSS
    • JSON
    • XML
    • HLS

Web Development

Now offering web-based development and management solutions. Projects include;, and maximizing digital presence and searchability.