Style Culture TV

Established in 2020, Style Culture TV is a fashion, lifestyle and entertainment magazine focusing on the pulse of current events and trends.

Addy.Media produced and branded content now exceeds 47m views annually with over 25k retained and unique subscribers. For sales opportunities please reach out to us at

The executive team consists of Adriana ‘Stream Queen’ Kaegi, owner and EP of Addy.Media, a New York based, fashion, lifestyle, and entertainment production house, and Kurt Sather, CEO and EP of Show Me Television, a Los Angeles based entertainment media and tech company. 

On Carpet Personalities

Producer / Journalist, Charlii Sebunya @charliisebunya, alongside journalists; Amanda Salvato @amandasalvato , Nina Williams @stylenina and Gita Cellei @gitacellei with over 145k+ fashion and entertainment followers. Videography and photography by Juan Carlos Ariano and Andrew Marfoli