Meet The Team

Meet The Team


Kurt Sather

Chief Executive Officer

  • Brand Development
  • Development Ops
  • Demand Ops
  • Content Ops
  • Distribution Ops
  • Production
  • Design

Shivani Patel

Chief Technology Officer

  • SDK Development
  • Feed Management
  • Proprietary Systems Expert
  • DMS Expert
  • CMS Expert
  • API Expert

Edin Bajraktarevic

Operations Lead - Programming

Skilled FTP technician with a  strategic focus on automated content programming.

Sebastian Praseutsack

Operations Lead - Programming

Diverse Executive Editor specializing in episodic development, lifestyle entertainment,  trailer and promotional production.

  • Adobe Suite
  • Motion Graphics
  • Sound-mixing
  • Color-grading

Bret Polansky

Founder - Executive Advisor

Skilled C-suite executive experienced in acquisitions and administration.

Andre Boyer

Founder - Advisor

Founding member and content specialist in the Los Angeles entertainment community.